Scoring & Analytics

Neutronian Scoring & Analytics allows marketers and agencies to create a customized data quality evaluation that aligns to their specific needs.

Includes capabilities such as:

  • The inclusion of custom scoring aspects and weighting
  • The ability to align campaign/brand KPIs to datasets
  • Tracking of dataset performance against KPIs over time

Allows for the creation of custom, private Neutronian Quality Index (NQITM) scores aligned to a marketer or agency's unique needs and enabling custom analytics against these custom scores.

Use cases

Compliance verification

  • Have any updates been made to the provider’s privacy and compliance practices?
  • Is the dataset in alignment with specific industry regulations (ex. FCRA/FLA)?

Data comparison

  • Have new data sources been added to the dataset?
  • How does one dataset or segment compare to others?

Fit for purpose evaluation

  • How does the dataset align to my custom taxonomy?
  • How does the dataset perform against my KPIs and does that change over time?

Guide buying transactions

  • How can I identify the datasets that score that highest on my KPIs?
  • Which datasets should I leverage to address a specific campaign/brand KPI?

Key benefits

Marketers & Brands

  • Leverage NQITM scores to evaluate and make comparisons across datasets
  • Use your own custom NQITM scoring to identify the datasets that best fit your custom needs and campaign KPIs

Data Providers

  • Identify other high quality data sources to compliment your datasets and create new opportunities
  • Use NQITM scoring to highlight your data's strengths and show data buyers how your data fits their needs

Technology & Data Platforms

  • Enable NQITM scores in your platform to help data buyers make comparisons across datasets
  • Surface custom NQITM scores for data buyers to help them identify the datasets that best fit their needs and campaign KPIs

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