Data Privacy Scoring White Paper

Data Privacy Scoring Framework and Methodology


As the ability to utilize third-party cookies decreases, more brands, retailers and publishers are looking to monetize their first party data in new ways. At the same time more privacy regulations are being passed and the enforcement of these laws is increasing. Data buyers and sellers face financial, reputational and legal risks when there is no transparency into the data privacy of the companies that they are partnering with.


To address these challenges, Neutronian has developed an independent, standardized framework for assessing data privacy – the Data Privacy Scores (DPS). Use the form below to download our white paper that outlines the DPS framework and methodology.

This white paper covers:

  • A summary of the data privacy issues impacting marketers and data providers today 
  • An overview of the Neutronian Data Privacy Scoring framework that was developed to help mitigate these issues
  • A description of the Neutronian scoring methodology and example use cases for the resulting scores
  • An outline of the key benefits of a standardized data privacy verification framework for data buyers and sellers


Download the white paper now to learn how you can reduce your data privacy risk!