Data Privacy and The Cost of Inaction

In April 2024, Neutronian CEO and Co-Founder, Lisa Abousaleh and a panel of speakers, curated to represent various parts of the MarTech ecosystem, discussed data privacy and the cost of inaction.  Listen to hear the panelists’ perspectives, some examples of the costs of inaction, and the importance of shifting to a privacy-first mindset. 



  • Joshua Lowcock, President, Media, Quad
  • Josh Raper, VP, Marketing and Data Strategy, Affinity Answers
  • Clayton McLaughlin, Principal, VICI86 Consulting
  • Lisa Abousaleh, CEO and Co-Founder, Neutronian


Host: Rachel Lucido, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Neutronian


Below is the full recording and a few clips honing in on key themes. 

Full Discussion Recording

What do data privacy and baseball have in common?
Baseball Analogy Clip