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Data Privacy & Quality-Led Advertising


Privacy Informed Decisioning

You’ve worked hard to gain your clients’ business and trust. Now it’s time to take steps to mitigate risk and ensure their campaigns are privacy-safe using Neutronian Data Privacy Scores for:


Use Neutronian Data Privacy Scores to verify that your data and media partners have the right privacy standards in place


Enable Neutronian Data Privacy Scores in any DSP as a brand protection layer on campaigns to mitigate risk


Analyze campaign delivery alongside Neutronian Data Privacy Scores to identify privacy-led optimizations opportunities

Neutronian Data Quality Certification

Better Quality = Better Performance

Take the guesswork out of the data partner vetting process. Use Neutronian’s Data Quality Certification to identify those that have elected to undergo the Neutronian Data Quality Certification program. We’ve looked under the hood and verified their data privacy practices and data quality processes. 


Diversify Your Media Partners

Do your clients’ campaigns have specific diverse media spending goals? Use Neutronian’s DE&I Planning Tool to verify existing partners meet your needs and identify new partners that can help you meet these goals. 

Neutronian Solutions


Industry-first standard for data privacy verification and risk mitigation across publishers, data providers, platforms and brands


In-depth, independent audit of data quality and privacy compliance. Data quality and cookieless certifications.

DE&I Planning

Independent verification of websites, applications and companies who identify as minority, female or LGBTQ+ owned

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