Data Privacy Scores

A Ranking of Companies Based on Data Privacy

What are Data Privacy Scores?

Neutronian Data Privacy Scores (DPS) were developed to bring clarity and trust to the marketing ecosystem. The scores are an established standard for data privacy verification and were created to take the guesswork out of the partner vetting process and to give those that are going above and beyond to do their part, a way to stand out. 

Who Can Benefit from Data Privacy Scores?

  • Marketers and Agencies can make media buying decisions and execute campaign optimizations that fuel privacy led growth.
  • Platforms can better monitor their partners and enable their users to factor data privacy into their campaign strategies.
  • Data Providers and Publishers can understand how they stack up based on data privacy and identify ways to improve their scores.
  • Everyone in the marketing ecosystem can better mitigate risk, increase performance and build higher quality, privacy focused partnerships.

DPS Use Cases

The Data Privacy Scores give companies a way to self-audit their own data privacy practices as well as a way to vet partners’ data privacy practices. 

DPS Report Options

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DPS Report Details


The Data Privacy Scores are generated based on a review of the publicly available data about each entity. Examples of the types of data reviewed include a company’s privacy policy, privacy related regulation disclosures (ex. GDPR/CCPA), opt-out and DSAR processes, sensitive information disclosures, and company background details

Data is collected using a mix of three collection approaches: 

  • Automated/crawler tools:  Data pertaining to the website or mobile app that is crawled and automatically collected directly from the domain/app itself or from publicly available sources and processed by Neutronian to support the scoring process.
  • Human review: Review by Neutronian audit staff trained in data collection and scoring methodologies. These reviews serve to form complete data privacy scores, quality check data gathered by Neutronian crawlers, and to train machine learning models assigning scores on an automated basis.
  • Input from rated entities: Neutronian provides a web-based form where rated entities can submit information or request review of their data privacy score based on publicly available information. For firms seeking full Neutronian certification separate from the Data Privacy Scores, input from both publicly available data and private/confidential information is taken into consideration.

Scores are then generated based on the data that has been collected for each of the companies that are reviewed. Scores are based on the Data Privacy Scoring framework covering three core categories – Privacy & Compliance, Data Disclosures and Company Background. Multiple aspects are reviewed within each category and then scores are calculated for each category as well as an overall score. You can learn more about the Data Privacy Scoring framework by downloading our methodology white paper here.

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