NQI Ratings

The NQI Ratings provide a transparent process against which companies are scored, with increasing levels of verification.

This solution applies to all types of data from audience based to contextual based insights. It can be leveraged to evaluate third party data providers providing segments, data feeds or data analytics offerings as well as publishers or brands that are collecting first party data. Companies who enable data connections such as identity solutions and ad tech platforms can also be evaluated.

Examples of the types of data reviewed:

  • Consent mechanisms
  • Privacy policies
  • Company background
  • Financial and litigation history
  • Data sourcing and characteristics
  • Solution methodology details
  • Performance case studies

Initial scoring is conducted based on the information collected from corporate websites and correlated with other public sources (ex. LinkedIn, Crunchbase, etc.)


Companies also have the opportunity to provide their own documentation for consideration via the Neutronian submission form.

Rating types

  • A scoring and ranking of data providers based on overall data privacy
  • Ranking based on data type – data provider, brands, retailers, publishers and data platforms
  • Scores are updated quarterly and new companies added in each refresh
  • Verification and scoring of publishers or companies who identify as minority owned, including female owned businesses.

  • Includes initial manual review and ongoing automated monitoring.

  • Company list is continually expanded as each subscriber submits companies for scoring and scores are updated quarterly

Click here to request the most recent NQI Data Privacy Scores or submit details for your own company for scoring.

Click here to request a sample of the NQI Minority Ownership Verification dataset or submit details for your own company for scoring.

Scoring Process

  • Self declared information collected from company or publisher website
  • Dissonance testing against data listed on LinkedIn and Crunchbase
  • Email outreach to company or publisher with request for verification
  • Self attestation and verification form review on Neutronian submission page
  • Crawler based monitoring of domains to check for changes in information every quarter
  • Manual verification of changes, outreach and direct verification
  • Regular review and publication of score criteria and definitions
  • Advisory Board dialogue and industry presentations on progress and examples

Use cases

Ensure data privacy compliance

  • Assess the transparency and compliance of partners
  • Compare providers based on overall and category level ratings
  • Monitor score changes over time

Support DEI goals

  • Verify that partners meet your specific criteria
  • Inform media spend decisions utilizing a standardized evaluation framework
  • Identify new partners to meet your needs

Key benefits

Marketers & Brands

  • Leverage a standard to verify the transparency and compliance of data partners
  • Utilize an existing and continuously growing database to identify the best media partners to meet your needs

Data Providers & Publishers

  • Build trust with data buyers by demonstrating data privacy compliance
  • Shorten sales cycles and vetting processes with minority ownership verification

Technology & Data Platforms

  • Leverage a standard to verify the data privacy compliance of providers in your platform
  • Utilize a growing minority ownership verification database to validate existing partners and identify new inventory partners
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