Neutronian Revolutionizes Data Privacy with AI-Enhanced Scores and Proximic by Comscore Partnership

9th April 2024

Upgraded and Significantly Expanded Dataset Will Allow Brands and Agencies to Make Proactive, Privacy-Led Advertising Decisions

Neutronian, a leading data privacy verification company, has announced the release of their AI-enhanced Data Privacy Scores and a partnership with Proximic by Comscore. These updates mark a significant step forward in the industry, providing brands and agencies with the necessary tools to navigate the complex world of data privacy.

In today’s digital landscape, data privacy has become a top concern for businesses of all sizes. With constantly evolving legislation and regulatory action continuing to expose obscure data collection and usage practices, companies are struggling to keep up. Neutronian’s Data Privacy Scores (DPS) and partnership with Proximic by Comscore will allow brands and agencies to make proactive, privacy-led advertising decisions and better mitigate privacy risk.

“On the heels of a wave of ad tech-focused FTC enforcement actions, and with the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA)  set to begin their “vigorous enforcement” efforts, the impetus for robust data diligence is greater than ever,” said Arielle Garcia, Founder of ASG Solutions. “Neutronian’s expansion of DPS arrives at a perfect time to support brands and agencies in leveling up their partner evaluation process – not only in response to regulation, but in recognition that privacy practices are foundational to data quality.”

Neutronian’s dataset, powered by a rule-based AI scoring system, is setting a new standard for data privacy and compliance. The methodology enhancements and a significant increase in publisher coverage will enable privacy-led inventory curation and ongoing campaign optimization capabilities, similar to how brand safety tools are currently being leveraged as a standard protection layer on campaigns. This means that brands and agencies can now make better informed decisions about their advertising strategies, ensuring they are in line with privacy regulations and consumer expectations.

“We are excited to take our partnership with Neutronian to a new level in Q2 by leveraging their Data Privacy Scores for inventory curation to proactively mitigate our clients’ data privacy risk,” said Jennifer Laing, SVP of Operations at Causal IQ. “We continue to believe in the importance of a test and learn approach and this new level of scale in the data privacy dataset will provide the opportunity for more actionable insights.”

Neutronian is partnering with Proximic by Comscore to facilitate ease of use and greater accessibility of this data. Neutronian’s Data Privacy Scores will be enabled in programmatic buying platforms by Proximic by Comscore for the first time ever with a shared goal of providing privacy-safe and quality-led advertising solutions to the market.

I am extremely pleased by the advancements that we have made with our Data Privacy Scores and to announce this partnership with Proximic by Comscore,” said Lisa Abousaleh, CEO and Co-Founder of Neutronian. “Data privacy must be a conscious consideration throughout the entire advertising workflow. Our partnership with Proximic by Comscore will allow for Neutronian powered data privacy signals to be incorporated into the media buying process, making it easier for brands and agencies to proactively take action on this critical component.”

Jessica Trainor, Head of Partnerships and Account Management at Proximic by Comscore went on to add, “Brands and agencies need to be thinking about data privacy during the entire campaign process. Data privacy is a core component of Comscore’s business and we are happy to be partnering with Neutronian to enable media buyers to use Neutronian’s data privacy signals as a decisioning criteria for their digital campaigns similar to how they leverage other risk mitigation tactics like brand safety.”

To learn more about Neutronian Data Privacy Scores (DPS) or to inquire about data pilot testing opportunities, reach out to [email protected].

About Neutronian

Neutronian is a SaaS company providing the most comprehensive approach to data privacy and quality verification. Using a standard evaluation framework, Neutronian produces independent data privacy “credit scores” and in-depth data quality certification. These solutions provide marketers with the transparency they need to confirm that their data and inventory partners are privacy compliant and ensure that their campaigns are running in privacy safe environments. High quality, privacy compliant data providers that work with Neutronian to improve their data privacy scores or achieve certification can be rewarded via faster sales cycles and increased customer trust. For more information, please visit

About Causal IQ

Causal IQ is a leading programmatic solutions provider built on the expertise of the best digital marketers in the industry. We partner with the world’s leading brands, agencies and advocacy groups to drive success through dynamic digital advertising campaigns. By leveraging unique data points and optimization methodology, Causal IQ brings a human approach to data science and campaign activation. Causal IQ is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with offices nationwide. To learn more, visit

About Proximic by Comscore

Proximic by Comscore, a division of Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a leader in programmatic targeting. Powered by Comscore’s trusted datasets and the industry’s leading natural language processing contextual engine, Proximic by Comscore enables media buyers and sellers to maximize the scale and performance of their campaigns. Through their innovative suite of ID-based and ID-less audience and content targeting segments Proximic by Comscore supports the evolution of the programmatic ecosystem, enabling clients and partners to continue executing impactful advertising strategies. For more information about Proximic by Comscore, please visit

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