Neutronian and Eyeota Launch Data Quality Certification Initiative

12th January 2021

Provides marketers with data quality transparency. Bombora, ShareThis, and Affinity Answers first to be certified in respective categories.

Redwood City, CA – Neutronian, a pioneer of independent data quality certification, and Eyeota, a leading global data platform, today announced the launch of a data quality certification initiative within the Eyeota Data Marketplace designed to give marketers transparency into the data quality powering ad campaigns. Along with the launch, the companies announced the first group of data suppliers to have completed Neutronian’s quality certification program within the Eyeota Marketplace, including Bombora in the B2B intent category, Affinity Answers in the social affinity category, and ShareThis in the interest category.

“As one of the first audience data marketplaces to be certified by Neutronian for our own brand audience segments, we are thrilled that some of our key data partners are now also certified,” said Kristina Prokop, CEO and co-founder of Eyeota. “This provides an additional level of assurance to our clients that the data that they use from Eyeota and our branded data partners has been independently verified and re-affirms our constant commitment to providing quality data. We encourage all our data partners to go through the same thorough audit as Bombora, ShareThis and Affinity Answers recently have.”

Eyeota is making the Neutronian certification available to all data providers within the Eyeota Marketplace and will roll out the program in a phased approach across various data categories over the course of Q1 and Q2 2021.

“Marketers need to have confidence and trust in the data they and their agencies are purchasing on their behalf that goes well beyond price & performance,” said Jay Krihak Head of Audience at Crossmedia. “Neutronian is filling a void in the industry by providing a critical, yet missing, layer of CCPA/GDPR compliance transparency that is a must have attribute when considering buying data from any provider.”

Launched in 2020, Neutronian aims to establish an objective, independent scoring system for every form of marketing data. The company’s goal is to provide marketers and advertisers with a reliable means of gauging data quality while also ensuring that such data was collected via the highest privacy standards. Neutronian certification gives data buyers the transparency they need to make data driven marketing decisions and rewards high quality, compliant data providers for their efforts.

“Bombora is proud to have achieved the ‘Certified by Neutronian’ badge that helps brands and agencies identify high-quality, privacy compliant data sets,” said Mark Dye, Chief Strategy Officer at Bombora. “Neutronian is the first of its kind, an audit and monitoring platform that truly rewards the investment we’ve made in producing high quality data by reducing our sales cycle times since buyers now have an independent measure of compliance and transparency.”

“Certification is the future of data. It will be the Better Business Bureau of our industry. We recognize that in order to be leaders in the industry, it is important to not only participate but also help push forward its evolution”, says Mahesh Narayanan, President of Affinity Answers. “The Neutronian Certification process was intensive and is ongoing. They aren’t just handing out blue ribbons. But that is why we believe it is important and, in the end, has great potential to become the standard.”

Data providers that wish to become Neutronian certified must go through a comprehensive and rigorous audit process as well as provide inputs for ongoing monitoring via a SaaS platform.

Neutronian announced its first round of financing with backing by leading angels from both Silicon Valley and New York based investors including Anneka Gupta of LiveRamp, Hans Tung of GGV, Eric Franchi of Math Capital, Amar Goel of Pubmatic, Auren Hoffman of SafeGraph, Colin Digiaro formerly of SGN Games, and Jay Eum formerly of Translink Capital.

About Neutronian
Neutronian is a SaaS platform company providing the industry’s most comprehensive independent data certification. We offer a quality and compliance “credit score” rating of MarTech data that brings much needed clarity and trust to the ecosystem. To us data quality means more than just performance and accuracy – it includes everything that a marketer or brand needs to know about a dataset before using it. With our thorough approach to data certification, marketers and brands have the transparency they need to make data driven marketing decisions and high-quality, privacy compliant data providers can be rewarded for their efforts.

CEO/co-founder Timur Yarnall was previously SVP Corporate Development at comScore, after the audience verification (bot detection) platform MdotLabs he co-founded was acquired in 2014. CTO/co-founder Tom DiGrazia was previously the Cloud Technology Advisor for Strategic Accounts at Amazon Web Services, after his role as CTO of the contextual/brand safety company, Proximic, which was acquired by comScore in 2015. For more information, please visit

About Eyeota
Eyeota is an audience technology platform that enables the intelligent use of data. We work with marketers, data owners and research companies to provide distinct, comprehensive and qualified audience data. Our technology platform transforms audience data so that organizations can make smarter business decisions, understand customers and enrich marketing strategies.

Eyeota was founded in 2010 and operates in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. For more information, please visit

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