Labelium Play Partners with Neutronian to Advance Data Quality

25th August 2021

North American Play Division of Global E-commerce Agency Labelium Joins with Neutronian to Score Data Quality & Performance for all data sources used in brand client campaigns

Chicago, IL – August 25, 2021 – Labelium Play North America, a full-service agency dedicated to high engagement platforms such as video, gaming, audio & high impact display, has partnered with Neutronian, the independent data quality measurement platform, to score data quality & performance in digital brand campaigns. The new partnership marks Neutronian’s first commitment to certify all data providers used by a marketing agency. In addition to integrating brands into today’s high engagement platforms, Labelium Play also offers full-service programmatic solutions. The agency’s partnership with Neutronian will ensure greater data privacy compliance as well as higher digital advertising campaign performance as Labelium Play looks to exclusively leverage Neutronian certified datasets moving forward.

As an independent third-party analytics provider, Neutronian’s remit is to bring trust and transparency to the marketing ecosystem by providing an independent, standardized framework for evaluating data quality and compliance. With a comprehensive definition of data quality that includes a review of consent mechanisms, compliance with privacy regulations, source transparency, data collection practices, data governance and protection, methodology and performance, the Neutronian Certification covers all of the components critical to mitigate risk for marketers and help data sellers earn the trust of those buying their data.

“What Neutronian does will change the industry pretty dramatically, so being the first agency to work with them across all of our supply sources, and to customize a methodology for selecting and verifying data segments for our clients is a big deal for us,” said Clayton McLaughlin, Managing Director of Labelium Play in North America. “Part of the methodology provides a full, transparent view into data providers, including verifying all sources, and making sure they’re privacy compliant. Then we continually analyze the performance of each data set relative to specific client KPIs and custom taxonomies to ensure our choices continue to pay off in-market. This will be a huge step forward in advancing transparency in our industry. To get a Neutronian certification, you have to pull back the curtain and say ‘this is how we do everything.’”

“The Neutronian team is excited to partner with Labelium Play on data quality verification and performance measurement,” said Timur Yarnall, CEO and Co-Founder of Neutronian. “We are putting a line in the sand when it comes to data quality and asking data providers to demonstrate a level of transparency that is not common in MarTech today. Our certified data provider partners such as Ibotta, Affinity Answers, Bombora, Eyeota, and many others are thrilled that an agency is taking a public and independently verified stance to reward their investment in data quality and transparency.

About Neutronian
Neutronian is a SaaS platform company providing the industry’s most comprehensive independent data quality certification. Offering a quality and compliance “bond rating” of MarTech data, Neutronian brings much-needed clarity and trust to the marketing ecosystem. Our comprehensive definition of data quality includes more than just performance and accuracy – it includes everything that a marketer or brand needs to know about a dataset before using it and provides the transparency they need to make data-driven marketing decisions. Neutronian certification also helps high-quality, privacy-compliant data providers such as Ibotta, ShareThis, Eyeota, Affinity Answers, Optimus Analytics, and many others shorten their sales cycles and increase trust with their customers. For more information, please visit

About Labelium Play
Labelium Play North America is a division of the global e-commerce performance agency Labelium, which specializes in e-retail, media and consumer performance. The agency’s partnership with Neutronian will be driven by a dedicated team based in Chicago and directed by McLaughlin. It will also tap into individual talents and teams across the breadth of the global agency, harnessing Labelium’s broad access to insights, data and technology.

Labelium Play North America is a subsidiary of Labelium, and a partner of Labelium Play Europe.

About Labelium
Independent eCommerce performance agency Labelium drives business growth through performance-driven strategies in more than 16 countries. Since 2001 their 400 skilled team members have been supporting hundreds of local and international companies to develop and/or secure a leading position in their markets. We design and implement innovative, performance-driven and cost-efficient digital strategies, and ensure winning e-commerce and e-retail programs. We are Google, Facebook and Amazon premium partners, always seeking the best approach for our clients. Among Labelium’s 400+ customers, we count leading companies such as LVMH, L’Oréal, Carrefour, David’s Tea, Lexmark, Christie’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Rudsak, ba&sh, Dior, Warner Bros and Club Med. For more information please visit us at

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