Neutronian Announces DoubleVerify as NQI Cookieless Certified and Launches Transparency Ratings of Top 150 Data Sellers

8th December 2021

In addition to in-depth certifications, Neutronian now provides the first-of-its-kind ratings of data providers based on public transparency and data quality

DoubleVerify helps top global brands authenticate quality and increase performance with fraud, viewability, brand safety and suitability and contextual targeting solutions. In addition, they enable custom hyper-relevant contextual targeting solutions to maximize campaign relevance and reach.

Neutronian further announced that it has published its initial NQI Transparency Ratings Report, an analysis and ranking of the public transparency and data quality of the top 150 data providers who commonly sell audience segments, data feeds or data analytics solutions to marketers. These ratings are based on a review of the publicly available data for each data provider and gives marketers a summary view of potential high or low data quality indicators that may guide their data investment decisions before actually spending to test out the data.

“Data quality is a key issue for brands when determining campaign investments. We’re thrilled to evaluate the Neutronian Transparency Ratings for guidance on quality scores when selecting data partners to include in our audience profiles. With this guidance we can feel confident that the data we leverage for our campaigns is authentic and valuable,” said Jennifer Laing, VP of Operations at Causal IQ.

“Neutronian is proud to produce the first-ever ranking of data providers across the MarTech ecosystem,” said Timur Yarnall, CEO and co-founder of Neutronian. “Marketers now have public ratings to help them identify the datasets that may be the best fit for their campaigns and goals that are based on a key component of a trusted partnership, transparency. We look forward to updating the NQI Transparency Ratings Report every quarter and adding to the number of providers scored.”

Neutronian’s core certification and ratings evaluation ensures that a data provider adheres to the highest quality standards, covering consent practices, privacy and compliance disclosures, sourcing transparency, dataset characteristics, methodology and processing, and performance. An additional level of certification is done to verify specifically that a data provider does not use cookies to build their audience segments, similar in many ways to how Neutronian already verifies that a data provider does not utilize bid stream data as a part of their data sourcing.

Last week Neutronian and the IAB Tech Lab announced a partnership that would bring together the Neutronian Quality Index Certification with the IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency Standard Certification. Combining the efforts of these two industry critical initiatives provides efficiencies for data providers that wish to prove the quality and transparency of their datasets, and gives marketers and agencies a thorough initial vetting of the data providers they are evaluating. IAB Tech Lab and Neutronian will be hosting an educational webinar on December 13 for those interested in learning more about the partnership.

You can request the current NQI Transparency Ratings Report here and register for the Neutronian and IAB Tech Lab educational webinar here.

About Neutronian
Neutronian is a SaaS company providing the industry’s most comprehensive independent data certification. Offering a quality and compliance “credit score” of MarTech data, Neutronian brings much-needed clarity and trust to the ecosystem. Their comprehensive definition of data quality includes more than just performance and accuracy – it includes everything that a marketer or brand needs to know about a dataset before using it. Neutronian’s thorough approach to data certification provides marketers and brands with the transparency they need to make data-driven marketing decisions. High-quality, privacy-compliant data providers can be rewarded for their efforts via faster sales cycles and increased trust from customers by acquiring a Neutronian certification. For more information, please visit

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