Performance Case Study

Raising the Bar on Data Quality and Privacy Also Improves Performance



Certified Data Provider:

Eyeota has always believed that by doing what is right and necessary when it comes to data quality and privacy, our clients will see better results for their digital marketing. Performance is the main driver of data decision-making, and testing data regularly and rigorously is essential to achieving excellence. By partnering with Neutronian and Causal IQ we’re able to demonstrate that prioritizing quality and privacy truly does result in data that outperforms other third-party data sources.


While agencies and advertisers see the value in high-quality, privacy safe data, performance goals often take a higher priority in the data decisioning criteria.


Eyeota was looking for a way to prove that their clients can have it all – verified data quality, reduced privacy risk and better performance – by leveraging their Neutronian certified audience for their marketing needs.


In partnership with Causal IQ, a programmatic solutions provider, Neutronian designed a testing plan where certified Eyeota segments could be leveraged side by side with other non-certified segments on a series of campaigns.

  • Working with Neutronian, Causal IQ selected a set of campaigns running with various audience targets for the test. 
  • Eyeota aligned the audience targets to their taxonomy and provided segment recommendations for each campaign.
  • Causal IQ set up each campaign with two different ad groups. One ad group used the Neutronian certified Eyeota segments for targeting and the second ad group used other non-certified third-party segments for targeting.
  • Each campaign ran during Q4 2022 and the campaign performance was analyzed at the end of the test period by Causal IQ and Neutronian.


The data from the test showed that Neutronian certified Eyeota segments:

Drove more engagement via higher click-through rates and video completion rates

Was more efficient on a cost per acquisition and cost per booking basis