Performance Case Study

Privacy First Data Strategy Results in Reduced Costs and Increased Engagement


Certified Data Provider:

"At Dynata, we believe in the power of delivering high-quality, privacy-focused data that drives compelling activation outcomes. Independent validation of this commitment, through rigorous testing from Causal IQ and Neutronian, reinforces our status as the go-to data-activation ally for ad agencies and brands who not only demand superior data quality and privacy but also those won’t compromise on accuracy, impact and efficiency."
Becky Harris, Vice President, Measurement and Data Solutions; Dynata


As privacy regulations evolve, marketers are looking to select the right partners to drive privacy-led advertising strategies. At the same time, campaign performance remains a priority so being able to understand the impact that selecting partners based on this criteria has on performance is critical.


Dynata, a provider of high-quality, fully permissioned first-party data, wanted to demonstrate to buyers how their audiences can meet both privacy and performance objectives.


Neutronian and its buy-side partner, Causal IQ, have developed a process to test whether utilizing verified high-quality, privacy safe data from Dynata has a positive impact on campaign performance.

  • Working with Neutronian, Causal IQ selected a set of campaigns running with various audience targets for the test. 
  • Dynata provided custom segment recommendations for each campaign based on the desired audience target. 
  • Causal IQ set up each campaign with two different ad groups. One ad group used the Neutronian certified Dynata segments for targeting and the second ad group used other non-certified third-party segments for targeting.
  • Each campaign ran over the course of Q2 and Q3 of 2023 and performance was analyzed throughout the test period by Causal IQ and Neutronian.


The data from the test showed that Neutronian certified Dynata segments:

Drove a significant increase in video engagement

Reduced the advertiser’s cost per acquisition