Performance Case Study

Neutronian Certified Segments Outperform Other Targeting Options


Certified Data Provider:

We are thrilled that our data consistently performs better for advertisers across different industries. Neutronian’s independent verification of our ethical, compliant data approach has validated our data strategy best practices. Anteriad’s rigorous adherence to quality and compliance assures better outcomes for advertisers.
Karie Burt, Chief Data Privacy Officer at Anteriad


Anteriad was looking for a way to demonstrate to data buyers that their high quality, privacy safe audiences deliver better results against campaign KPIs.


Anteriad worked with Neutronian and Causal IQ to conduct a test that measured the performance of their Neutronian certified segments compared to unverified segments against campaign KPIs.

  • Working with Neutronian, Causal IQ selected a set of campaigns running with various audience targets for the test. 
  • Anteriad created custom segments that aligned with the audience target for each campaign and pushed the segments to Causal IQ’s seat in the DSP.
  • For each campaign, Causal IQ created two different ad groups, one with the Neutronian certified Anteriad segments applied and another with other non-certified third-party segments applied.
  • The campaigns each ran through the end of Q4 2022 and at the conclusion of the test period, Neutronian and Causal IQ analyzed the results.


The data from the test showed that Neutronian certified Anteriad segments:

Drove better engagement than non-certified segments

Were more efficient than non-certified segments at driving conversions