Data Quality Scoring: Identity and Transparency in MarTech

14th May 2021

Data Quality Scoring

Identity and Transparency in MarTech

April 2022 NQI Ratings Preview

What role can a Data Quality Scoring framework play in resolving the Identity crisis now that the world has gone cookie-less and over 80 Identity related players have launched? How can such a framework be used to increase transparency and reduce compliance risk in MarTech?

Coming off of the release of the Neutronian Quality Index (NQITM) methodology white paper, Neutronian hosted a webinar with a panel of industry experts to hear their perspective on this standardized scoring framework and why having an independent 3rd party to evaluate data quality can benefit both buyers and sellers in the MarTech ecosystem in the future.


Watch the webinar recording on demand here. You can also fill out the form below the video to download the NQI methodology white paper and learn more about how data quality scoring can bring transparency to MarTech.

This white paper covers:

  • A summary of the data quality and compliance issues impacting marketers today and how a data quality framework can help to address them
  • An overview and description of the components that are included in the Neutronian data quality framework
  • A description of the Neutronian scoring methodology and example use cases for the resulting scores
  • An outline of the key benefits of the Neutronian data quality framework for data buyers and sellers

Download the Neutronian Quality Index White Paper

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