Neutronian’s custom analysis allows marketers and agencies to conduct customized performance evaluations and ensure their partners continue to maintain privacy standards.

Includes capabilities such as:

  • Data comparisons using a standard or customized scoring framework
  • The ability to align datasets to specific brand/campaign needs
  • Tracking of dataset scoring against KPIs over time
  • Data accuracy assessments that provide predictive performance insights
  • Campaign performance measurement and optimization
  • Monitoring of data performance over time

Use cases

Data comparison

  • How do my current data sources score on data quality?
  • How does one dataset or segment compare to another?

Fit for purpose evaluation

  • How do the characterisitics of a dataset align to my custom taxonomy?
  • Which datasets score best against my custom data quality framework?

Guide buying transactions

  • Which datasets should I leverage to address a specific campaign/brand KPI?
  • Which dataset has the best potential to drive campaign performance?

Measure performance

  • How does the dataset perform against my campaign KPIs?
  • What data optimizations should I make to increase my campaign performance?

Key benefits

Marketers & Brands

  • Leverage Neutronian Performance Testing to evaluate data and make comparisons across datasets
  • Use Performance Testing to assess accuracy before using a dataset and to optimize data strategy during a campaign

Data Providers

  • Use Performance Testing to highlight your strengths and show how your data fits a buyer’s needs
  • Leverage Performance Testing to show data accuracy pre-campaign and optimize performance during a campaign

Technology & Data Platforms

  • Enable Performance Testing in your platform to help data buyers make data comparisons
  • Surface Performance Testing results to help data buyers assess accuracy pre-campaign and optimize performance during a campaign
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